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run-this-shitt-deactivated20131 asked:
I loveee your eyes <3

Thank you :)

xoleisha asked:
Follow back antonio :D

Got you (:

Anonymous asked:
I know you think this is stupid but I am a girl that been lonely and I see all these girls that better looking. Everyday I wake up looking in the mirror in see this chick that is heavy confess about life and I see your face and it give me hope to live another day.I am not here to tell my whole life story just wanted to say thank you for giving me hope every single day. bye

Omg, I’m just seeing this! But everyones beautiful in their own way. So don’t call ya self ugly :)

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Anonymous asked:
I try to speak up to you but their that chance you might laugh at me

I wouldnt laugh o: and im nothing special if you’re afraid tbh

Anonymous asked:
I wanna suck your fingerrrrrr <3

lmfaoo bet

Anonymous asked:
Antonio i want to go out with you but you are way way way to out of my league afraid of you

aww (: and tbh you never know unless you speak up

Happy new years everyone :)

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Anonymous asked:
The fact you rep OF > you're just perfect Kill them all bye :*

lmfao (: Odd Future All day errday :)

Anonymous asked:
Lol my best year with you was 8th grade cause of something something ..

lmao what was that?

Anonymous asked:
Im not even gonna front i think your cute ass fuck but you wouldnt want ugly girls i guess BOL .

Lmfaoo you doing the most.

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